The module system for any application.

Everything’s possible.

The MATO 8 module scaffolding was developed for applications that are not at all possible with traditional systems or only when using elaborate special constructions. This became possible thanks to the special connection technology. The plates on the vertical stems have eight gratings that allow installation and expansion in all directions.

Versatile and very flexible.

MATO 8 module scaffoldings are used very frequently for special constructions in the industrial and chemical sectors, for works revisions but also across the events area. Another extremely interesting application are robust mobile scaffold towers, which adjust perfectly to each customer’s individual requirements.

All components are available in both an aluminium and steel design.

Time and cost savings of up to 50%.

The use of the MATO 8 aluminium system increases the efficiency of every single scaffolding fitter by 50% and more, as the installation is possible using one hand thanks to the low weight and the practical wedge head system.

But the lightweight design not only has significant benefits when installing the scaffolding. Less weight automatically also means more load volume during transport, hassle-free handling and easy storage.